Narodnaya volya

23.08.2022 Source: БАЖ

Narodnaya volya

Data correct as of 08.05.2022



Form of repression



21 August 2020

Ban on printing

The state-run Belarusian Press House refused to print the latest issue of Narodnaya volya. The official reason is the breakdown of the machine equipment.


The equipment breakdown did not affect the publishing of the state print media.


Other Belarusian printing houses refused to print the newspaper.


26 August 2020

Restrictions on the distribution of printed edition

Belposhta and Belsayuzdruk refused unilaterally to deliver the latest issue to subscribers and to sell it through kiosks.


Belposhta is the operator of the Belarusian national postal network. It is a monopolist in the provision of services for subscription and delivery of print media.


Belsayuzdruk is a state kiosk network and the leader in retail distribution of print media.


31 October 2020

Restrictions on the distribution of printed edition

Narodnaya volya is excluded from Belposhta's subscription catalog for the first half of 2021.


13 November 2020

Search in the editorial office

Unknown persons together with the riot police seized almost the entire circulation of the latest issue of Narodnaya volya (25,000 copies).

The driver who was delivering them was detained. The grounds for the seizure are unknown.


The car transporting the circulation of Narodnaya volya ended up in the Leninski District Police Department of Minsk.


Present time

Restrictions on the distribution of printed edition

Due to the inability to print and distribute the newspaper, the Narodnaya volya editorial board continues to publish the newspaper in digital form.