"Independent media is experiencing a business model collapse, and society is subjecting itself to self-censorship." Highlights from the Freedom House report

Internet freedom in Belarus deteriorated further during the coverage period. The government intensified its suppression of online critical voices, blocking of independent media outlets and information sources, and use of legislation to criminalize online materials produced by what it deemed to be “extremist” or “terrorist” groups. Although virtually all nonstate media outlets are now operating from exile, they continue to disseminate content via social media and messaging applications.


Andrei Tolchyn moved to pre-trial detention

Homel Viasna human rights activists report that he was transferred to Homel pre-trial detention center №3.


Larysa Shchyrakova transferred to Homel women’s correctional facility

The transfer did not take a long time, as she was previously held at Homel pre-trial detention center.


Homel videographer Andrei Tolchyn detained for 72 hours

This is reported by the Homel chapter of Viasna.

Сціў Кэнан 26.09.2023

Australian TV journalist joins Solidarity Marathon in support of Andrzej Poczobut

The marathon in solidarity with imprisoned journalists continues. This time the campaign initiated by BAJ was supported by Australian journalist Steve Cannаnе, who now lives in London. He heads the European bureau of the ABC television network.


Vyachaslau Lazarau has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison, while his wife, Tatsiana Pytsko, has received a three-year sentence

Vyachaslau Lazarau, a freelance videographer from Vitsebsk, has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison, while his wife, Tatsiana Pytsko, has received a three-year sentence.

Фота: «Радыё Ўнэт» 21.09.2023

Belarusian propagandist attempts to infiltrate democratic milieux in Vilnius and Warsaw

Herman Napolski regularly attends press conferences and official events and is familiar to Belarusian journalists.


Formerly imprisoned journalist Siarhei Hardzievich detained at border crossing

According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists' source, Siarhei Hardzievich was detained on September 14 at the Brest border checkpoint as he was returning to Belarus from Poland.


Rehijanalnaja Hazeta chief editor to be tried on September 27

Aliaksandr Mantsevich, Rehijanalnaja Hazeta’s chief editor, will be tried in Maladzechna. Judge Aliaksei Irshyn will preside over the case, reports the Viasna Human Rights Center. Mantsevich was arrested on March 15 after his house in Vileika was searched and has been in custody ever since. The journalist is charged with discrediting the state.

«Круглы стол», Вільня, верасень 2023 г. Фота: БАЖ 13.09.2023

Physical threats, disinformation, censorship. Six modern challenges for the media

Belarusian independent journalism has been in a troubled zone in recent years. Despite the difficulties, media professionals feel that things have become more stable, even with the profession’s repression and criminalization. During the roundtable discussion arranged by BAJ and the Mixer journalist organization (Poland), evaluations were made.