Information Ministry Registers Lohvinau Bookstore as Book Distributor

On March 16 the Ministry of Information registered Lohvinau bookstore in the Register of distributors of printed products.


Mass Media Week in Belarus Info-posting January 26 – February 8, 2015

Within the reporting period, two journalists were found guilty of participating in the street action which they covered; it became known how many informational materials were examined by the commission on extremism; and state agencies kept answering to BAJ what they thought about websites blocking in the last decade of December.


Lohvinau’s Suit against Information Ministry Dismissed

Lohvinau tried to dispute six refusals of registration of his bookstore as a distributor of print products; however, the Supreme Court supported the standing of the registering body.


Mass Media Week in Belarus Info-posting January 12 – 25, 2015

The first month of the year went on with one more fine to a journalist for contribution to foreign mass media without accreditation; also, several journalists’ complaints were dismissed; a blogger was fined for insulting an official on duty; and the Supreme Court upheld the warning issued by the Information Ministry to the independent newspaper Narodnaya Volya.


ANALYSIS of Amendments to Media Law

The amendments tighten state control over informational sphere in Belarus (over the Internet in the first place) and restrict citizens’ right to free expression and the right to gather and disseminate information, guaranteed by the Constitution.


Mass Media Week in Belarus Info-posting January 5 – 11, 2015

The most remarkable event of the reporting period seems to be the real threat of bankruptcy of the Lohvinau bookstore which has been fined and ordered to pay a billion rubles for “illegal entrepreneur’s activities” –selling books without registration of the Information Ministry. The private enterprise Lohvinau was not registered in 2014 in the newly set-up State Register of distributors of print products although thebookstore had applied for registration six times.


After Hasty Detention and Release, Journalist Still Goes to Questionings

It’s been a month since the military affairs analyst Aliaksandr Alesin was released under recognizance from the KGB detention. The press service of BAJ took an interview with the journalist about developments in the case.


Lohvinau Bookstore Fined

If the court decision comes into legal force, the bookstore will go bankrupt.