Юрыст ГА “БАЖ” Алег Агееў — пра працу юрыдычнай службы ГА "БАЖ" 11.01.2017

Wins and Fails of 2016, the legal side

BAJ summed up the main events of 2016, the story retold by BAJ lawyer Aleh Aheyeu.

«Мілкавіта» супраць Карманава: суд стаў на бок малаказавода 22.12.2016

Court Declares Journalist Wrong, Orders to Refute Nuclear Milk Report

On December 22, the Economic Court of Minsk, Judge Tatsiana Sapieha, sustained the claim of Milkavita dairy company against Associated Press reporter Yuras Karmanau: the correspondent has to write and send to the news agency refutation of the report about radiation detected in milk produced a few kilometers away from the Chernobyl zone.

Belsat TV 16.12.2016

Draft on Budget Cuts for Belsat Alarms Channel Managers

Unofficial sources report that the Polish Government is planning to cut down on the budget of Belsat TV channel, a unit within the TVP company. The cut by two thirds for 2017 has not yet been approved, but rumors of the existing draft document have been confirmed by Agnieszka Romaszewska, chief director of Belsat, reports the Polish website


Tor Audience in Belarus Rise after Blocking

Since early December, authorities in Belarus have blocked Tor – the program that enables anonymous access to websites including those that are blocked for some reasons by national operators. The Ministry of Communications explained that the sanction was aimed to prevent access to banned resources rather than to prevent anonymous access.

Belarus Human Rights Award Laureates Honored on the Eve of December 10 09.12.2016

Belarus Human Rights Award Laureates Honored on the Eve of December 10

On the eve of the Human Rights Day, human rights community in Belarus awards most prominent activists of the year.


Investigative Committee Detains Two Bloggers over Inciting National Hate (UPD)

The Investigative Committee have initiated criminal cases under article 130 (inciting hatred) against Yury Paulavets and Dzmitry Alimkin, the official statement confirms on December 8.

Прадстаўнікі ГА “БАЖ” папрасілі Ананіч вярнуць недзяржаўныя газеты ў “Белсаюздрук” 07.12.2016

BAJ Meet Information Minister to Discuss Distribution of Independent Press

On December 7, BAJ representatives had a meeting with Information Minister Liliya Ananich to discuss the burning issues of journalistic community.


Expert Testifies the Radiation Tests Were Incorrect

On December 7, the Economic Court of Minsk continued consideration of the lawsuit filed by Milkavita dairy company against an AP correspondent Yuras Karmanau.

Павел Шарамет 28.11.2016

Pavel Sheremet Would Have Turned 45

Today, on November 28, a commemorative party is gathering to remember the journalist Pavel Sheremet, who died in a car bombing in Kyiv in July this year. The party starts at 6 pm in Gallery “Ў” in Minsk.


Independent Journalism is an Issue for Belarus in the International Arena

On November 24, the European Parliament voted on a resolution saying that Belarus’ progress in upholding democratic values has been “insufficient”. They note that Belarus is taking new political prisoners, harassing the opposition, using capital punishment, and failing to address safety concerns about its first nuclear power plant, being built in Astravets.