Journalists in the War Zone: BAJ and LUJ will open an exhibition in Vilnius

On February 24, the exhibition Ukraine: Journalists in the War Zone will open at the Vilnius train station. It will showcase the work of reporters during Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine and pay tribute to colleagues who lost their lives covering the war.


Imprisoned videographer Yauhen Hlushkou recognized as political prisoner

On February 15, the Belarusian human rights community issued a statement recognizing freelance videographer Yauhen Hlushkou as a political prisoner.


Freelance videographer Yauhen Hlushkou in custody over participating in ‘extremist formation’

According to Mayday.Team, a Mahilou-based human rights group, Hlushkou is accused of being involved in an extremist formation.


Journalist Siarhei Hardziyevich released from detention

On February 8, former political prisoner and journalist from Drahichyn Siarhei Hardziyevich was released from the temporary detention center after serving a 15-day administrative detention sentence for distributing extremist products.

Fact-checking Rimas Bružas' column on LRT: 2% real vs 50% claimed 08.02.2024

Fact-checking Rimas Bružas' column on LRT: 2% real vs 50% claimed

Last week, many Belarusians living in Lithuania were disturbed by the column written by journalist Rimas Bružas. Among other things, the author intended to show that Belarusian migrants who ‘bring along a stinking snake of disrespect towards our [Lithuanian] way of life’ are not welcome in the country. The text only presented a few facts, but one figure was easily verifiable. Journalist Siarhei Tsverdzichau questions certain claims from the high-profile story through a research.



№1 (75) 2024. Download PDF.


Aid to the Belarusan writer and journalist Sergei Antonov

“My journalistic activity is connected with the portals and, where I told about the events in Mogilev region and had an author's video column. In addition, I was the editor of the independent small-circulation newspaper “Stariy Zamok” in Bykhov“, writes Sergei Antonov.


Barysau photographer Aliaksandr Ziankou sentenced to 3 years in prison

Judge Zhanna Brysina of the Minsk City Court found Aliaksandr Ziankou guilty of participating in an extremist formation. The trial began on January 12, and three court hearings were held. On January 30, he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment.


Siarhei Hardziyevich, former political prisoner and journalist, detained for 15 days

The reason for his arrest on January 24 and his sentence have been revealed. On January 26, Judge Yulia Kuksa heard Siarhei Hardziyevich’s case in Drahichyn District Court.


Extremism and media

Given the significant role of "anti-extremism policy" in shaping the media landscape in Belarus, this report aims to analyse the legal regulation of combating extremism and its current application concerning independent media and their representatives. The starting point for this analysis is the international standards of human rights and freedoms, which serve as the key benchmark for any democratic state under any circumstances. Download the file in PDF format.