Police arrests director of car business-related media outlet and threatens its owners

Police arrested Vital Paliakou, director of the ABW.BY media outlet that covers news on the car industry. He is accused of participating in protests.


Andrzej Poczobut stays in segregation without medication

Marek Zaniewski, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Poles of Belarus, reported this during a regular solidarity event in Bialystok that the Union of Poles of Belarus and the Podlasie branch of Wspólnota Polska organize monthly.


IFJ calls on journalists to respect the professional principles of the Global Ethics Charter

Unverified information, unsourced videos and images from social networks: the war between Hamas and Israel is also a war of communication. The IFJ, the world's leading professional organisation of journalists, reiterates that the professional principles of journalists must be absolutely respected. The duty is to provide information in the public interest.


Convicted freelance videographer Pavel Padabed labeled “extremist”

The Belarus Interior Ministry added Pavel Padabed, a freelance videographer who was convicted of extremism, to the list of people involved in such activities.


Blogger Dzmitry Selviastruk recognized as political prisoner

On 17 October, the Belarusian human rights community declared him a political prisoner. Sports blogger and journalist Dzmitry Selviastruk has been in jail since May.


Incommunicado: Isolation and Ill-Treatment of Political Prisoners in Belarus. October 26

Join Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) for a virtual discussion on the isolation and ill-treatment of political prisoners in Belarus. Speakers include RFE/RL journalist Aleh Hruzdzilovich who was unjustly imprisoned in Belarus from December 2021 to September 2022.


Pavel Mazheika’s sentence upheld. He is to be transferred to correctional facility soon

Today, October 17, the Supreme Court of Belarus reviewed the appeals of Hrodna journalist Pavel Mazheika and attorney Yulia Yurhilevich, who were sentenced to prison for “promoting extremist activity”. The Hrodna Regional Court sentenced them both to 6 years of imprisonment on 26 July of this year. The verdict was upheld by the Supreme Court.


Andrei Tolchyn accused of harming Belarus’ national security

The reason for detaining former freelance journalist and democratic activist Andrei Tolchyn in Homel has been revealed. He has been accused of violating Part 1 of Article 361 of the Criminal Code, which relates to encouraging actions that harm the national security of Belarus.


Reporters need helmets, body armor, and psychological support. What challenges do media in Israel face?

Israel encountered multiple media challenges after the ruthless assault by Hamas militants. On the one hand, journalists are trying to figure out the reason behind the intelligence and special services breakdown and the government’s accountability. On the other hand, they dispel fakes and reconstruct the chronology of terrible events bit by bit. BAJ interviewed Anat Saragusti from the Israeli Union of Journalists, who was a correspondent in the Gaza Strip for many years. We discussed how the media responds to public demands and their reactions.