7 млн 350 тысяч штрафу – шостае сёлета пакаранне гомельскаму фрылансеру 18.03.2016

Kastus Zhukouski Fined Already Six Times

On March 17, the judge of the Mazyr district court Natallia Asadchaya fined the Homel freelancer Kastus Zhukouski for 35 basic amounts (7 million 350 thousand rubles) according to article 22.9 of the CoAV.

Дзяржаўная прэса друкуе абноўлены спіс экстрэмісцкіх матэрыялаў 17.03.2016

List of Extremist Literature Published

Meanwhile, legislators plan to introduce fines for storage, production, distribution and transportation of extremist materials.

Сабрына Бабоўскі. Як маладая дзяўчына з Берліна спрабуе развіваць беларускую журналістыку 10.03.2016

Young German Aspiring to Develop Belarusian Media

For one year already, Sabrina Bobowski has been the head of the School of Journalism at the IBB center organizing dozens of events, meetings and educational trips for journalists. Press service of BAJ talked to Sabrina about how she works to develop journalism in Belarus and to change people’s mentality.

 Журналістка зняла рэпартаж і дапамагла людзям, а праваахоўнікі вырашылі яе за гэта пакараць (+відэа) 09.03.2016

One More Administrative Report against Larysa Shchyrakova

The freelancer from Homel Larysa Shchyrakova is being accused of illegally making the report that probably saved people’s lives.


Two Websites Warned by the Information Ministry

Two independent websites, of Nasha Niva newspaper and Ezhednevnik received written warnings from the Ministry of Information.

 Штраф Дабравольскаму пакінулі ў сіле 01.03.2016

In the Beating Case, Fine against Journalist Upheld on Appeal

On March 1, the Minsk City Court, judge Valer Kamisarau considered the appeal filed by correspondent Pavel Dabravolski.

Андрей Бастунец о «Клубе редакторов»: передача вышла в эфир без купюр 29.02.2016

Andrei Bastunets Speaks in Editors’ Club

On Sunday, the TV channel Belarus 1 broadcast the program Editors’ Club, with the participation of the chairperson of BAJ Andrei Bastunets. Independent journalists requested for access to the program themselves two weeks ago. 

“Еўрарадыё” 10 гадоў: марым атрымаць FM-частату ў Беларусі 26.02.2016

Euroradio Turns 10

On February 26, 2006, the European Radio for Belarus went on air for the first time. BAJ asked the head of the radio Vital Zybliuk to tell about the useful experience, lessons learnt and hopes.

Гомельскага фрылансера Кастуся Жукоўскага аштрафавалі яшчэ на 16 мільёнаў 25.02.2016

Harassment of Freelancer in Homel Sees No End

Freelance journalist Kastus Zhukouski has been fined 11 times for contribution of his material to Belsat; he has to pay 70 million Belarusian rubles, which is equivalent to 3000 euro.

Ministry of Information Replies to Petition: Journalist Interfered with Police’s Actions 19.02.2016

Ministry of Information Replies to Petition: Journalist Interfered with Police’s Actions

At the beginning of the month, over 200 journalists sent a petition to the Ministry of Information and to the General prosecutor’s office asking to hold a full and impartial investigation into the beating of journalist Pavel Dabravolski in a building of court.