International Journalism Competition Belarus in Focus 2015: Call for Applications

Ukrainian crisis and presidential elections have become important reasons for international media to pay attention to Belarus. Are you interested in Belarus? Have you written articles about this country in 2015?


Mass Media Week in Belarus. Info-posting October 5 – 25, 2015

The presidential elections on October 11 went by with many violations of journalists’ rights, such as denial of information on electoral updates, interference into their work at and near polling stations, bans to take photo and video recording.


CEC Denied Information to Independent Newspaper

  The independent newspaper Nasha Niva remarked that minutes at some polling stations were re-written after finalization of ballots count. The data publicized upon completion of counting of ballots at precinct electoral commissions did not coincide with respective results announced further at territorial electoral commissions.


Blogger Beaten and Fined at a Political Protest Action

Blogger Viktar Nikitsenka was detained, beaten and then fined at a protest action against the Russian military airbase on October 13.


An Hour after Nobel - Full Text of Sviatlana Alexievich's Press Conference

The first press conference of the Nobel prize winner in literature Sviatlana Alexievich  was held in the editorial office of the “Nasha Niva” newspaper. The writer described her first feelings when she learnt that she’d got the prize.


BAJ Becomes Full Member of IFEX

On October 8, BAJ has become full-time member of IFEX.


Congratulations to Sviatlana Alexievich with Nobel Prize in Literature

  BAJ congratulates Sviatlana Alexievich with winning the Nobel Prize in Literature which was announced today by the Swedish Academy.


Baranavichy City Electoral Commission Denied Information to Intex-press

A journalist from non-state newspaper Intex-press wanted to know the number of citizens who had voted in the early vote; however, the chairperson of the Baranavichy city electoral commission Tamara Shukala said that they did not have this information.


Vitebsk Communal Services Painted Over the Graffiti of Birds

  The famous graffiti on the wall of a house in Vitebsk was painted over with three ugly grey squares, a typical sign of work of municipal dwelling services.