Investigative Committee Prolongs Inquiry into Beating Incident

30.03.2016 Source: Press service of BAJ

On March 25, the two-month term expired given to hold an investigation into the incident when a correspondent, alongside with two protesters, was beaten in the building of the Frunzenski district court.

The Investigative Committee sent a ruling to Pavel Dabravolski, dated March 25, informing that the term of investigation had been prolonged by one more month.

On March 16, the correspondent wrote on his Facebook page that investigators had returned his smartphone which, as he says, had some audio files that could serve as evidence of the beating, and a deleted video file recorded slightly ahead of the incident. He noticed that Android 5.1.1 was installed on the smartphone instead of the version 6.0.1 he had earlier. The results of the check-up are unknown.

The journalist still hopes that the investigation will reveal and punish the offenders.

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