Most Providers Lift Blocking from Independent News Websites

30.03.2015 Source: Press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Story: Regulation of Bynet

On March 26, reports appeared that some Belarusian providers blocked access to Charter’97, Belaruspartisan, Viasna.

On March 28, access for individual users to the websites have been restored. No official comments have been given yet.

Owner of TUT.by portal Yury Ziser supposes that the websites were blocked because two lists of restricted websites had been unified. One of the lists dates back to 2010 and restricted access for the mentioned websites in state establishments, educational and culture organizations. The other list appeared recently according to the ruling of the Operative Analytical Center and the Ministry of Information and Informatization, dated February 19, 2015. The ruling relates to fresh amendments in the Mass Media Law and anti-drug traffic actions.