“If one of us is imprisoned, the other one takes the child and leaves the country.” The key from the report of human rights activists on the psychological state of political emigrants

13.06.2023 Source: Аўтар для сайта БАЖ Story: Задержания журналистов

The psychological problems of Belarusian political emigrants, including journalists, have become the center of attention of human rights activists. Many are still going through traumatic experiences, struggling with depression, separation from loved ones.

The report was prepared with the support of The German Association of Psychosocial Centres for Refugees and Victims
of Torture (BAfF e.V.) and Conflict Analysis and Prevention Center (CAPC). The authors were Ekaterina Sokirianskaia, Elise Bittenbinder, Katja Mériau, Elisa Steinfurth.

Read the report here

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