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    How to become BAJ member?

    Any full-aged Belarusian citizen and any foreign citizen who work in journalism or foster its development in Belarus, promote the aims and tasks of BAJ, recognize and fulfil the Statute and the Declaration of the professional ethics can join BAJ.

    The admission process is conducted by the respective branch of BAJ in each administrative unit. If there is no such representing branch in the administrative unit, the admission is conducted by the Board of BAJ.

    For admission you need to submit the following documents to the head of the respective branch or to the office of BAJ — office@baj.media.

    Filled-in application form (PDF);
    written recommendations from two BAJ members (the form is optional, only date, signature and name/surname of the people giving the recommendations are needed);

    Benefits of BAJ membership:

    By joining the organization, you become member of an officially registered Belarusian journalist organization, which raises your status while performing your professional duties in different conditions and situations. You can get the press pass with the seal stamp confirming your membership.

    By joining BAJ, you automatically become member of the International Federation of Journalists (BAJ has been its associate member since 1997). You have a chance to get the international press pass which is officially recognized in many countries. A year after you’ve been a member of BAJ, you can apply for a certificate of the IFJ.

    You become entitled to free legal aid in case some problems arise connected with your work – including representation in court.

    You get the right to take part in educational programs (trainings, seminars etc.) organized by BAJ and its members in both Belarus and abroad.

    You can rely on BAJ when you have some professional problems or some emergencies occur that need public support.

    Every day send to your mailbox: actual offers (grants, vacancies, competitions, scholarships), announcements of events (lectures, performances, presentations, press conferences) and good content.


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