ABAJUR №1 (125)

magazine ABAJUR №1 (125)

By Vladimir Dziouba

Andrej Bastuniec: Non-state Media Help People Make Conscious Choice on Basis of True Information

BELTA Case: Attack on Non-state Online Media

Authorities Persistently Fine Freelancers for Working without Accreditation
By Pavel Lievinaŭ

Authorities Use Accreditation to Restrict Access to Information
By Tanya Korovenkova

Media Family

Juras Karmanau:
Our Courses Have to Keep Pace with Rapidly Developing Media Technologies

Challenging Press Tours

Press Offices Hide Officials from Journalists
By Ina Studzinskaja

New Regulations Tighten Control over Online Comments
After stories by TUT.BY, NAVINY.BY and BBC

Lawyers Are Always on the Road
By Alieh Ahejeu