Baranavichy City Electoral Commission Denied Information to Intex-press

08.10.2015 Source: Monitoring service of BAJ Story: Доступ да інфармацыі

A journalist from non-state newspaper Intex-press wanted to know the number of citizens who had voted in the early vote; however, the chairperson of the Baranavichy city electoral commission Tamara Shukala said that they did not have this information.

Meantime, the type of information already exists at the Central Election Commission and at regional electoral commissions. Intex-press received figures about early voters from the Brest regional elctoral commission. Representatives of the commission said they were gathering the data from the city elctoral commission.

The secretary of the CEC Mikalay Lazavik was unable to help. "We have the figures across the republic and the regions, but we are not gathering it from districts and cities yet. Where the region could have found the information on cities and districts?" The secretary expressed his guess that maybe "they publish figures on their websites".