Belarus Blogger Wins The Bobs-2016 User Award in Russian

02.05.2016 Source: According to Euroradio

The blog of Viktar Malisheuski antijournalist.by won the most voices in the international contest of Deutsche Welle The Bobs-2016 (Best of Online Activism) in the nomination "Best website or blog in the Russian language".

Фото: facebook.com/vmalishevsky

The Belarusian blog gathered 5519 voices, outnumbering its competitor from Russia, the website "Takije Dela", by 1322.

In his blog, "Viktor Malishevskiy describes and dryly comments on official statistics published by official state media. A typical example: "Since the presidential election (December 2010) the average salary of a Belorussian citizen rose from 1,595,900 to 6,536,100 rubles - or from 531 dollars to 450 dollars," says the description on the page of the contest.