Belarusian propagandist attempts to infiltrate democratic milieux in Vilnius and Warsaw

21.09.2023 Source: BAJ

Herman Napolski regularly attends press conferences and official events and is familiar to Belarusian journalists.

Although he previously identified as a reporter for Evraziyskaya Pravda, Napolski now contributes to the pro-regime publication Minskaya Pravda. However, he has recently been spotted in Warsaw and Vilnius.

Herman Napolski. Screenshot from a YouTube video.

BAJ learned that Herman Napolski, who works for a propaganda publication, has been making frequent visits to Vilnius and Warsaw in recent months.

He intentionally arranged meetings with journalists from non-governmental media in exile, asking them for different favors. A source told us:

“He frequently and consistently made these offers, like asking, ‘Can you send me your notes from [Sviatlana] Tsikhanouskaya’s conference? I would like to cover it, but I’m not accredited. Where am I going to publish? I am still figuring it out...’ It may seem naive and obsessive, but he sent me several similar texts today.”

Responding to allegations that he is published by pro-regime newspapers, Herman Napolski said that he is, but that he always provided comprehensive coverage. He hopes to find a job in a Polish media outlet and is seeking recommendations from independent media workers.

During his recent trip to Warsaw, the regime supporter unsuccessfully attempted to attend the Association of Belarusian Business Abroad forum.

Nonetheless, sources say that the Minskaya Pravda writer worked at the forum, even if banned from entering the hall. A picture is available of Herman Napolski sitting on the couch with a laptop.

Photo by Radio Unet.

It’s noteworthy that he had previously expressed himself quite clearly about Poland’s policy. In an article about the Museum of the Soviet-Polish Military Commonwealth in the Lenina Settlement, one sentence reads:

“In Poland, they take down monuments to Soviet soldiers who freed the world from the Nazi regime, while in Belarus they commemorate everyone who assisted in the fight against fascism.”

Since March 2022, Herman Napolski has been writing articles for the propaganda publication Minskaya Pravda. His articles usually cover topics such as the Slavianski Bazaar, the relationship between the governments of Russia and Belarus, and pro-establishment events.

The Belarusian Association of Journalists is unaware of any other media or organizations that Napolski collaborates with, but we feel it is important to warn other journalists against collaborating with this person.