Eleven Websites Blocked for Breach of Advertising Law

16.01.2017 Source: ej.by, translation by BAJ

The Ministry of Information has blocked 11 websites for publication of inappropriate advertising, says a press release on the website of the agency.

Мининформ заблокировал одиннадцать сайтов, размещавших «ненадлежащую» рекламу

Following a written notification of the Ministry of Anti-Monopoly Regulation and Trade dated January 10, 2017, the Ministry of Information restricted access to websites dengi-srochno.by, dengi-bystro.by, zaem-vsem.by, fxline.by, landing.fxline.by, streamforex.by, weltrade.ru, by.weltrade.com, stforex.com, ru.mtrading.com, mtrading.by.

“The websites dengi-srochno.by, dengi-bystro.by, zaem-vsem.by published ads about granting microloans to unlimited number of physical persons, who are not included into the register of micro financial organizations in compliance with the requirement of the presidential edict dated June 30, 2014 No325 “On taking and giving loans, activities of micro financial organizations”, says the press release.

The rest eight websites were blocked for promoting organizations that are not included in the register of Forex companies.

The Ministry had already blocked a website under similar grounds late in 2016. In early 2016, five websites were blocked for information on alcohol and drugs retail, reported tut.by.

In 2016 the Information Ministry blocked access to 47 websites: 21 websites were blocked for dissemination of information aimed to sell drugs, 13 websites were blocked for dissemination of extremist materials, 11 – for undue advertising, 2 – for propaganda of pornography, violence and cruelty.