Narodnaya Volya SMM worker detained

07.02.2023 Source: Zerkalo.io

The security forces detained Anastasia Sharkevich who administered the Narodnaya Volya Telegram channel, as reported by a pro-regime Telegram channel. Zerkalo informs that Sharkevich is accused of calling for blocking traffic, mass riots, and other illegal actions.

“I work for Narodnaya Volya newspaper and administer the telegram channel of the publication. I joined a few protest marches, which is the reason for my arrest,” she said in the “repentance” video.

Anastasia Sharkevich has been detained in 2020. On 1 October, her home was searched, and her electronic devices and personal items were seized. The woman was taken to a police department where she claimed to have been pressured psychologically. She was eventually released without any charges.

Anastasia Sharkevich used to work for Belteleradiocompany, CTV, and Mir TV channels. She joined the Narodnaya Volya newspaper after the presidential election in Belarus.

Narodnaya Volya’s website was blocked in the middle of August 2022. However, in December 2022, the Ministry of Information resumed access to it.

The newspaper had long been out of print. In 2020, the authorities increased pressure on independent print media, and Narodnaya Volya, one of the oldest independent newspapers in Belarus, fell a victim to that. The Belarusian Press House refused to print the newspaper, while Belarusian Post excluded the edition from the subscription catalog. Russian printing presses declined the requests for printing the newspaper as well. Narodnaya Volya had to discontinue the publication of the print version. However, users could still subscribe to the pdf version of the newspaper.