Novy Chas warned by Ministry of Information. Two warnings are enough for starting liquidation procedure

30.03.2021 Source: BAJ Press Service Story: Предупреждения СМИ и журналистам

"Interdepartmental commission concluded that the information published in the Novy Chas newspaper (#3 of 2021/01/22 and # 4 of 2021/01/29) is detrimental to the national interests of the Republic of Belarus. The Ministry of Information requires the newspaper to correct the violations in the next issue and to inform the Ministry about that.

An issue of Novy Chas newspaper

According to the Ministry of Information, Novy Chas published the following articles in violation of the Law on Mass Media:

"Why there was, and there will be no dialog", page 4, # 3 of 22 January 2021;

"Criminal" 2020. How and what protesters received prison terms for"; page 5,# 3 of 22 January 2021;

"People were beaten hard while I was questioned nearby. Noone cared", page 6-7, # 3 of 22 January 2021;

"Ghetto for those in power" page  3, № 4 of January 29, 2021.

"What problem do those who think they have power have with the independent media?  Why have they been hunting for independent journalists for so many months already? Some are not printed, some lost their media status, and some have been thrown behind bars. What for? For the truth. The truth today is the worst crime. Especially if millions of people want to know the truth", -- chief editor of Novy Chas Aksana Kolb comments on the letter from the Ministry.

-- The Ministry of Information demands "to eliminate the violations in question in the next issue of the newspaper, and to report to the Ministry not later than 5 April 2021". They don't tell us how to fix them. Should we withdraw all copies of the issue and burn them? Or, write that everything in these articles was a lie? I wonder what difference would it make. Would Polina, who went through the mental and physical torture, suddenly get amnesia? Or, would numerous absurd sentences passed recently become lawful? If so, then, dear readers , please consider everything that you see in the above mentioned articles in the issues 3 and 4 as detrimental to the national security, so forget everything, and don't tell anyone.

Although I believe that the national interests of my beloved Belarus are damaged by some very different actions."