Popular Belarusian-Language Newspaper Changes Format

11.05.2016 Source: According to Nasha Niva, translation by BAJ

After 25 years of publishing, the popular independent newspaper in the Belarusian language Nasha Niva changes its weekly format for monthly, with the prevailing medium to be the webpage nn.by.

Nasha Niva was founded 110 years ago, and, after an interruption in Soviet period, resumed publishing in May, 1991.

This is how the front cover of the first issue looked twenty-five years ago. The design of tomorrow’s issue will be reminiscent of the historic moment.

Now, the editorial office had to take an important decision – the newspaper will be mostly online, at the address NN.BY. 
The print version will be published once a month on 24 pages.

The editorial office believes that the future depends on the Internet. We are witnessing a technological revolution undergoing all over the world. The switch for the digital format will be a milestone step, like it was the case once with the invention of printing or electricity. One should not fear it: the Belarusian culture and community are strong enough, and the digital revolution provides new possibilities for development.

The print monthly version will preserve all publishing traditions. It will be aimed for people with a different tempo of information consuming. The paper version will include the most important issues of the month, those actual regardless of time – analytical materials, interviews, history and literature essays.