Printing House Forced to Destroy Book by Vital Silitski

11.11.2015 Source: Press service of BAJ Story: Fighting Extremism


The post-mortem edition of the book by political scientist Vital Silitski “Long road from tyranny: post-Communist authoritarianism and fighting for democracy in Serbia and Belarus” was published by magazine ARCHE in October 2015.

The book was printed by printing house Policraft in 1000 copies, reports Euroradio.

The head of the printing house Fiodar Basko confirmed to Nasha Niva that the whole circulation was destroyed: “We were told that if we don’t do it, the typography will be closed,” he said.

The book compares regimes of Slobodan Milošević and Alexander Lukashenka, the front cover shows both the leaders, Alexander Lukashenka – in a military uniform. There is no information if there has been any examination regarding extremist contents. The Ministry of Information did not give any comments.