“We will continue until the repression stops. International Press Institute Launches Twitter Project on Belarus

30.06.2023 Source: Аўтар для сайта БАЖ

The International Press Institute (IPI) has launched a weekly review of violations of the rights of Belarusian journalists and media on Twitter. It has already provoked a predictable reaction: foreign readers are impressed by the repression in Belarus.

The arrest of the former editor of a newspaper in Smarhon, the deregistration of the newspaper Narodnaya Volya, and the blocking of the website Pressball – short messages in English about the situation in Belarus now appear on the IPI Twitter account, which has over 52,000 followers.

According to the International Press Institute, publications on Belarus will be published regularly – once a week until the repression stops.

“We are monitoring violations of journalists’ rights in Ukraine and Russia in the midst of war,” Karol Lučka of the International Press Institute, which monitors and protects journalists’ rights in Eastern Europe, said in a commentary for BAJ. “At the same time, we are monitoring the situation in Belarus. This is one of our main areas of activity. We decided it would be fair to fill the gap and systematically report on the numerous violations against media and journalists in Belarus.”

He pointed out that many of the regime’s actions are not publicized because they are considered minor. But when they are compiled into a weekly summary, the scale of the repression and its systematic nature becomes clear.

“We are seeing a seasonal reaction from the public,” said Karol Lučka. “Our readers are shocked by the repression against members of the press. Many have begun to forget about the situation in Belarus, which is only getting worse.”

The International Press Institute was founded in 1950 in New York, USA, by media leaders from fifteen countries. From the outset, its goal was to modernize journalistic practices and protect freedom of expression. IPI members include publishers, editors, owners of major media companies and prominent journalists.

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