Editorial policy

BAJ.by is the website of the PA “Belarusian Association of Journalists. The editorial board of the resource works within the Statute aims and tasks of the organization and complies with the “Code of Journalist Ethics”, adopted by BAJ.

The website serves as an interactive platform for BAJ members’ meetings, and also for all those who deal with or interested in journalism. It is a corporate resource aimed at strengthening friendly and professional ties within the organization and in the whole journalist community of Belarus.

BAJ.by is the source of information of the association activities, main events in the field of journalism in Belarus and abroad. In addition to the daily news feed, there is also systematic analytical information about the situation of mass media in Belarus since 2006. (There is also access to the old version of the website from 1999 to 2012.) There is also a photo archive which tells about the events in the life of the organization, and video page.

BAJ.by provides also service information for BAJ members: calls for professional contests and studies, interactive calendar of informational occasions, experts’ contact information, electronic directory of addresses and phone numbers of mass media, press-services etc.

Besides, BAJ.by is also a place for building up informal relations and relaxation which boosts closer knowing of colleagues. These are sections “Journalists tales”, “Journalists slip-ups”, game “Guess the pet” etc.


Our values:

- Objectivity and accuracy: while preparing some material, we verify information, regardless of the source it comes from; exceptions are materials copied from other sources that the editors think are trustworthy.

- Balance and impartiality: we try to show different views at a problem; when it is impossible to do at once, we publish a different view within reasonable time limits after the first publication is made.

- Independence: we do not allow distortion of facts depending on interests of some person or a group of people.

- Respect towards individuals: we respect personal life, ban derogatory expressions, defamation, incitement of hatred.

- Defending information sources: we publish information from confidential sources only when we are sure of them.


BAJ.by journalists stick to the following principles in publishing news online:

1. To cover events most fully and impartially and to reveal essential factors where possible.

2. To avoid being influenced by the authorities, politicians, businessmen while reporting news, and also avoid expressing preference for any of the sides. Assessment judgments are admissible only in quotes of some individuals or sources.

3. To avoid language of hatred and hostile treatment.

4. To respect sources of information that have been subject to stress, have been victims of a crime or have family relation to victims of a crime.

5. To defend our sources of information.


Website BAJ.by editors’ board:

1. In news selection, give preference to the activities of BAJ and events in the media field of Belarus.

2. Pay special attention to monitoring of journalists’ rights violations and encroachment on freedom of speech in Belarus.

3. Pay attention to cultural, educational and communicative projects.

4. Value respect from the website visitors and do not abuse their trust.

5. In conflict situations, give possibility to express all kinds of views of the problem in comments, on forums or in feedback letters (WRITE TO EDITORS link).

6. Give possibility to comment articles without pre-moderation, but enjoy the right to edit or even delete the comments which contain straightforward insult, defamation, obscene language, or incite enmity, hatred, or bear discriminatory character.

7. Edit mistakes as quickly as possible.

8. While copying materials, always name the primary media source and provide direct link.

9. Using other authors’ texts does not mean that BAJ editors share the same viewpoint with the author.


Conditions of copyright on the website BAJ.by

Any material published on BAJ.by can be copied and published on any other website or in any other mass media, provided that the information about the authors, sources and links to BAJ.by website are indicated.