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  • August2020 Instagram page deemed extremist

    The August2020 project was created by a group of independent journalists and volunteers to collect and publish the stories of people tortured by security forces, reports Viasna Human Rights Center.

    “August2020 and 23.34 project teams co-cre­ate the Uni­form Crime Reg­is­ter (UCR). The goal of our joint efforts is to col­lect mate­ri­als to iden­ti­fy law enforce­ment offi­cials who took part in repres­sions,” the project founders share.

    August 2020’s most famous project is like­ly Cell 18. At the tem­po­rary deten­tion cen­ter in Min­sk, 36 women were held in one cell, 11 were lat­er con­tact­ed by jour­nal­ists and had their rec­ol­lec­tions record­ed.

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