Aliaksandr Mantsevich transferred to Baranavichy remand prison

01.12.2023 Source: Беларуская асацыяцыя журналістаў

On 27 November, the editor-in-chief of Rehijanalnaja Hazeta was moved from the remand prison in Zhodzina to one in Baranavichy. He will stay there before being transferred to a correctional facility to serve his sentence.

On 3 November this year, the Maladzechna District Court chaired by Judge Aliaksandr Irshyn, found Aliaksandr Mantsevich guilty of discrediting the Republic of Belarus. Mantsevich was sentenced to four years of imprisonment and a fine of $4,500.

Mantsevich was arrested on March 15 after his house in Vileika was searched and has been in custody ever since. The journalist is charged with discrediting the state.

Allegedly, Aliaksandr Mantsevich, who was the leader of the editorial board of Rehijanalnaja Hazeta, and some other people, spread false information that discredited the Belarusian government and its power. This was done through the newspaper and social media platforms over a period from 1 January 2020 to 15 March 2023.

Moreover, it is another attempt to suppress free speech. Rehijanalnaja Hazeta was compelled to discontinue producing the print version in July 2021 and prioritize the online issue. In January 2023, following a Maladzechna District Court ruling, the Ministry of Information added the newspaper's website and Telegram channel to the Republican List of Extremist Materials. After police raided the newsroom and arrested the chief editor, the court deemed the Vkontakte social media page of the publication as "extremist."


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