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  • Freelance videographer Yauhen Hlushkou in custody over participating in ‘extremist formation’

    According to Mayday.Team, a Mahilou-based human rights group, Hlushkou is accused of being involved in an extremist formation.

    Yauhen Glushkou’s arrest in early January was also reported by the media. Law enforcement officials broke into his apartment since he would not open the door. The videographer was dragged out of his home without any outerwear.

    Yauhen Hlushkou lived alone, so his arrest was not immediately known. His friends began looking for him when they realized that he had not been in touch for several days. The videographer was reportedly held in a temporary detention center after his arrest before being transferred to pre-trial detention.

    Currently, Mahilou blogger and photographer Ales Sabaleuski is also being held there. Both of them are suspected of cooperating with information resources, specifically the YouTube channel 6TV Belarus and the website Mahilou.Media. These media outlets have been recognized as ‘extremist formations’ by the Belarusian KGB on November 29, 2023.

    Yauhen Hlushkou worked at Mahiliou City Television for many years. In the early 2000s, he cooperated with several city portals. Recently, he has not been engaged in any public activities and has led a rather withdrawn life.

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