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  • Imprisoned videographer Yauhen Hlushkou recognized as political prisoner

    On February 15, the Belarusian human rights community issued a statement recognizing freelance videographer Yauhen Hlushkou as a political prisoner.

    “Out-of-court, the Interior Ministry and the KGB arbitrarily recognize as extremist citizens’ groups brought together by public or political interests that criticize the actions of the authorities and demand reforms in the state and its policies. Several media resources were recognized as extremist formations as well. This in turn paves the way for the arbitrary prosecution and imprisonment of their members and sources as a disproportionate measure restricting the right to association and freedom of expression,” the human rights defenders expressed their concern in the statement.

    Yauhen Hlushkou, a freelance videographer from Mahilou, was arrested in early January and charged with participating in an “extremist formation.” Eyewitnesses reported a brutal arrest involving physical force. Hlushkou was not even allowed to put on outerwear and was forced into a patrol car. He now stays in custody jail.

    The videographer worked at Mahilou City TV for many years. In the early 2000s, he freelanced with various media outlets. Recently, he lived alone and led a secluded lifestyle, avoiding public activities.

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