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    The fol­low­ing jour­nal­ists are in jail at the moment. Belaru­sian media work­ers behind bars. Por­traits:

    Kat­siary­na Andree­va

    Ihar Losik

    Kseniya Lut­ski­na

    Andrei Ali­ak­san­drau

    Dzia­n­is Ivashyn

    Andrej Pachobut (Andrzej Poc­zobut)

    Mary­na Zolata­va, 

    Liud­mi­la Chek­ina, 

    Valer­i­ja Kast­si­u­go­va, 

    Iry­na Leushyna​,

    Dzmit­ryi Navazhylau​, 

    Henadz Mazhei­ka,

    Iry­na Slau­nika­va

    Andrei Kuznechyk, 

    Siarhei Sat­suk, 

    Yuryi Hantsarevich​, 

    Dzmit­ryi Luk­sha, 

    Kanstantsin Zalatykh, 

    Ales (Ali­ak­san­dr) Liu­bianchuk

    Yuryi Hlad­chuk, 

    Ivan Murauy­ou

    Pavel Mazhei­ka, 

    Yauhen Merkis, 

    Dzmit­ry Sem­chanka,

    Andrei Famin, 

    Larysa Shchyrako­va, 

    Pavel Pad­abed

    Viachaslau Laza­rau

    Ali­ak­san­dr Mant­se­vich

    Ihar Karnei

    Andrei Tolchyn

    Ali­ak­san­dr Ziank­ou

    Ales Sabaleus­ki

    Yauhen Hlushk­ou

    Dzia­n­is Nosau (admin­is­tra­tive case)

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