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  • Homel videographer Andrei Tolchyn detained for 72 hours

    This is reported by the Homel chapter of Viasna.

    Journalist and cameraman from Homel Andrei Tolchyn was detained for 72 hours in a criminal case.

    The freelancer has been repeatedly detained and fined by the authorities. In 2020, Tolchyn was detained along with former journalist Larysa Shchyrakova.

    The journalist was also arrested in 2021 near the Homel pre-trial detention center, where he filmed relatives of political prisoners Mikalai Statkevich and Ihar Losik, who, along with other defendants, were tried that day in the premises of the detention center. The trial was held behind closed doors, and the political prisoners were accused of organizing mass riots, inciting hatred, and obstructing the activities of the Central Election Committee. Tolchyn also recorded a comment by an EU diplomats who came to Homel to attend the trial. The police confiscated all the videos back then.

    The reason for the current detention is unknown.

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