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  • Journalist Pavel Padabed sentenced to 4 years in prison

    The journalist and cameraman Pavel Padabed was sentenced to 4 years in prison, as requested by the prosecution. The sentence was pronounced today by the Minsk City Court, reports BAJ.

    Padabed was charged with participation in an extremist formation for his cooperation with the Belsat TV channel, which is recognized as an extremist formation. Video clips with “protest content” were presented as evidence, including those dedicated to the disappeared cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky and murdered journalist Pavel Sheremet. Padabed’s name was not in the credits, but the suspicion of his involvement was based on “circumstantial evidence”.
    It was also revealed during the trial that Padabed’s phone was tapped and that the security forces had access to his texts on messengers.
    The journalist was also accused of “lucrative impulses”. The fact that he had a foreign bank card allegedly indicated that he was seeking financial gain from his journalistic activities.
    Pavel was arrested on January 20 this year and remained in custody pending trial.

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